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8 - 9 November 2018
Cape Town International Convention Centre
Cape Town, South Africa


Former Head

Old Mutual Education Trust (OMET)

South Africa


Previously Head of The Old Mutual Education Trust (OMET), Dr. Ngalo-Morrison graduated on the 29th of August 2017 with a doctorate in Education from the University of the Western Cape. A collaborative program with the Carl state University Fullerton California. She has amassed two decades experience in the delivery and administration of higher Education, in both the private and public sectors. She served as Executive Dean Student Affairs at the University of Fort Hare, prior to which she was director of the Student Counseling Unit and Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for 10yrs. Served in various committees including being President of SASSAP in 2005-2008, the Eastern Cape Committee for child abuse protocol and Higher Education Quality Control focusing on delivery of quality student literacy programs.

Dr. Ngalo-Morrison taught in a special school for the deaf (where she also learned and used, American Sign Language ASL) and was vice principal in a special education school whilst exiled in Nigeria during the 1980’s. Later towards the 1990’s whilst in Harare Zimbabwe, she worked as a speech/language therapist with schools providing Psychological Services. Prior to returning home from exile in 1998, she worked as counselor, in New Zealand for Auckland Health and Private Practice. During her time in New Zealand, she also worked as a community service manager for an NGO that supported people with intellectual disabilities. An experienced medical Social Worker nationally and internationally she served in the Baha’I national executive committee on the status of women in New Zealand. Furthermore, she served as executive committee member for new settlers (Refugees) New Zealand. She is currently trustee with the Resilience Network Institute in Cape Town.


A champion for human rights and justice, she is passionate about pedagogy, gender
youth, families/women, child protection/rights of children and people with disabilities.


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